Ensure Complete Protection with Security Chains

Ensure Complete Protection with Security Chains

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Using security chains to lock up your belongings or to keep doors shut will ensure that you can foil anyone who may try to steal from you. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for some people to find the right security chains for their needs. While you may think that all types of security chains are the same, this simply isn’t true, and buying a sub par chain will not afford you the protection that you desire for your items. There are a few things that you need to consider when buying security chains, and taking the time to find the right chain for your needs will help to ensure that your belongings are all safe.

Chain Link Section Diameter

When looking for security chains, you need to take into consideration the chain link section diameter. The thicker the cross section of your new chain link is, the more difficult it will be for someone to break or cut through it. This increased difficulty will mean that it will take longer for them to break your chain and may cause them to give up sooner. Always buy from a company such as Brindley Chains, who offer thick chains for sale.

Welded Links

Security chains that have welded links will be able to offer you much more protection than ones that do not have welded links. These links have ends that have been welded shut to ensure that they create a completely closed link. This will prevent them from being easily pried apart and will make it more difficult for someone to break your chain.

Case Hardening

When your links are case hardened it simply means that they have an incredibly durable and hard surface. It is this hard surface that will help to protect your chain links against someone cutting them with a saw blade. The blade will not be able to bite into the chain, which means that the user won’t be able to cut your links.

Through Hardening

This process can actually make the steel alloy in the link harder in the interior, preventing any kind of cutting attack. When performed correctly, this will prevent the links from being vulnerable to any kind of attack. Unfortunately, when the links are over hardened it can actually make them brittle and more prone to breaking. This is why you always want to buy your security chains from a reputable company who does not over harden their products.

The best security chains will have a mix of these four factors and will be very effective in protecting your belongings and being able to resist attack or being cut. Make sure that you choose security chains that offer the level of security that you need. You can talk to an expert company about your needs to ensure that you get the right chains for your use, no matter if you need low, medium, or high level security. Also, consider optional textile sleeving that will help to protect your new security chain from abrasion or other types of damage, thus, extending the life of the chain and offering more protection.

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