Crucial Automotive CRM Trends to Watch For

Crucial Automotive CRM Trends to Watch For

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Automotive industry has encountered countless CRM trends. Once upon a time, CRM was a glorified address book, which has turned into a potent sales tool because of modern innovation. Auto marketing world scenario is changing with advancement in technology, which is nearly unrecognizable to past generation auto dealers.

You will need to lookout for the current car dealer CRM trends, which are helpful in enhancing marketing and sales as well as efficiency and profitability.

Crucial existing automotive marketing CRM trends to watch for

AI or Artificial Intelligence

Incorporating AI in the CRM tools help to perform a lot more tasks besides storing client information. Filtering through referrals, leads, and inventory data has become easy. Minimal effort is needed to pull information, so running reports is less daunting. Manually managing data was time consuming task, which is being eliminated and you can focus on inventory sales and new marketing campaigns.

Better consumer experience

Companies, who adapt customer-centric approach hit the jackpot. Automation tools are widely adapted to automate and personalize communications. Potential consumer’s data including their contact details, vehicle interest, family details, purchase history, etc. needs to be easily accessible at your dealership. You can drive customers to your dealership through personalized content like SMS, emails, etc. This strategy helps to move them [leads] in your marketing funnel and ultimately into sales conversion.

Better mobility features

Mobile CRM software helps salespeople enjoy a day off without any strain of missing an opportunity of earning commission. They have access to consumers contact details, schedules, and inventory. It helps them to work a lead from start to end from anywhere.

Social media marketing

Use social media channel for better targeted advertising. Social media marketing trend is escalating in automotive sector and is predicted to be extremely impactful. Social platforms help to build brand awareness, increase sales, engage and retain customer.

On social media, prospective consumers always discuss about vehicle purchase and then decide. This is a good opportunity an auto dealer can leverage on and introduce their dealership.

Accountability dashboard

It is the most constructive CRM trend because car sales are a competitive niche and you cannot afford to hire unproductive sales staff. Your team needs to use CRM tool all through the sales process, thus you can monitor and reward top performer. Alternatively, you can even keep track of employees who are stuck and need a little inspiration. As you have access to every interaction between sales staff and customers, which is helpful in training new salesperson.

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