Concrete Pumps & Safety At Work

Concrete Pumps & Safety At Work

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One very harmful factor that’s observed in the concrete pumping industry every so often is people getting their arms, fingers, etc. amputated within the field because of cleaning up the pump using their hands as the water pump is running. Remember, never put any part of the body within the hopper, outlet valve or lube box as the pump is running. A number of these amputations are caused since the operator thinks that simply since the remote is off things are okay. However, ultimately they press the stop button around the remote and they stick their arm or hands right into a moving part around the pump and they lean facing the pump or whatever and also the remote button is pressed on as well as their arm is chopped off. It takes place much like that, fast!

Make sure to browse the pump manufacturer’s operating manual before cleaning or fixing your concrete pump. If you need to service the pump and want to place your hands near moving parts, always turn off the pump engine and take away the important thing and make certain all pressure reaches zero.

Most pumping companies will discover a steady development in pump jobs because of the summer time several weeks ahead. A great season to service your pumps and equipment. With increased pump jobs this means more income. Be sure to invest back to your equipment. Do not get on employment and also have a problem that might have been prevented.

Look at your hoses for put on spots, and holes within the hose. Also, look into the hose ends such as the inside. Search for thin metal. Look at your reducer and also the ends from the reducers. Periodically gently tap your reducers having a hammer. You are able to really hear a really vibrant “ting” when the metal gets too worn. At these times, change it. Here is a little side note. Have you heard concerning the guy who lost his vision because of the hose exploding open in the face. His employer didn’t have workman’s comp and only did the overall contractor. Don’t gamble within this business. People could possibly get hurt and wiped out.

Here is a good habit to get involved with.

Begin with good hoses and clamps. When establishing a job, unveil the hose in one finish so when moving up, roll it in the other finish. That method for you to inspect both sides daily. If you discover a poor hose, spray paint it to measure the level and set it aside. Then either repair it, work into two hoses, or dispose of it. When the concrete hose clogs, a broken or worn hose could burst with the potential of causing damage to property, personal injuries or perhaps dying. Same factor using the reducers or elbows.. Do not take chances. Repair it or dispose of it. Once more, fund your equipment.

Pump Maintenance / Just when was the final time you altered your hydraulic oil?

Be sure to look at your pumps user guide on when you should alter the hydraulic fluid, motor oil and all sorts of your filters including hydraulic filter, motor oil filter, air conditioning filter and fuel filter. Check all of your hydraulic hoses and fittings, loose basics, loose wires and fittings, etc. Also, always keep close track of your accumulator pressure. Don’t pump with low accumulator pressure. If you’re running have less pressure, charge your accumulator based on your pump manufacturers guidelines. By preserve your pump you’ll be able to provide your clients quality and well-maintained equipment. Then lower the street if you choose to sell your pump you will be happy you maintained it. Just take this into account. A properly maintained pump will get a premium price within the used concrete pumping market.

Look at your hitch.

When a guy explained that his pump came off his truck while driving lower the freeway. Nobody was hurt! However it might have been bad, horrible! Look at your hitch everyday.

Where will i purchase washout bags?

The baggage generally used are 3 mil contractor bags. You can buy them at hardware stores for example Lowe’s, etc. Avoid using the fundamental garbage bags, they are too thin. Make certain you apply the 3 mil bags. Only fill about1/4 to at least oneOrthree of the bag or else you will not have the ability to lift it.

Where will i buy bentonite slurry for that pump hose?

Most concrete pump operators agree the very best slurry for that hose is bentonite clay. Bentonite sometimes could be a little tricky to find if you do not know where you can get it. Try looking in your phone book under clay. For those who have no luck there, try searching under Water Well Supplies or Drilling Supplies. Bentonite can be used for drilling purposes and you may generally purchase it through the bag or pallet. You will probably spend between $5.00 to $8.00 per 50 lb bag. You may also use “cement” or “masonry fire clay”. You may also seek advice from your pump manufacturer and find out when they offer pump hose slurry for purchase. There’s a couple of firms that sell slurry by individual packages. One small bag for every job. It’s really a a bit more cash except many people enjoy it. Keep in mind if you use slurry, pump it right into a bag or someplace apart from in to the concrete forms.

I have observed sometimes the first two or three concrete hoses in the pump moves a great deal while pumping. Is the fact that normal? Yes, but do this. If you work with a smaller sized hose, say for example a 2 ½ inch hose, begin with 25 foot. to 50 foot. of three inch hose after which add some 2 ½ inch for that remainder. The larger hose will relieve a few of the pressure. If you work with a concrete grout pump having a 2 inch hose, try beginning served by 25 foot. of two ½ inch. If you are really realizing lots of hose movement, slow lower the concrete output. Don’t slow lower the engine, only the concrete volume. Remember to help keep the hoses from being broken by rubbing against sharp objects for example corners, sharp rocks, etc. as well as make certain what’s beneath the hose is not getting broken either, like a concrete front yard, lawns, plants, etc.

Instead of parking a large amount of money in a new concrete pump, you can choose to employ a used but a refurbished pump. Silk Road Equipment is a reputed company that provides high quality and refurbished used concrete pumps at affordable prices.

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