Charging Alternatives For Mercedes Benz Electric Car Models

Charging Alternatives For Mercedes Benz Electric Car Models

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Electric Mercedes Benz offers several charging options. The alternatives are suitable in your routine.

Charging at home

Mercedes Benz latest models can be charged using Wallbox charging station. It allows you to charge extremely fast in a safe and convenient way using household power socket. During charging the charging cable is locked.

It means connection does not get interrupted. There is an LED lamp indicator to know the charging status. The time taken to charge B 250 Sports Tourer having 11kw charging power is 2.5 hours. The time differs from one Mercedes-Benz model to another.

Charge your Mercedes-Benz overnight and get ready to drive during the day. This is a simple and comfortable approach. Charging cable is available from dealer as an optional accessory or is supplied with the car itself.

Charging on road

When you are on road, the vehicle having type 2-plug can be charged with Mode-3 cable at any public charging stations.

Make sure to invest in a charging station that is compatible with your car.

Factors influencing electro car’s charging time

The existing charging device, charging power of domestic installation, and legal needs determine the speed of your electro Mercedes-Benz getting recharged at charging station. There are legal limitations for home charging [single-phase].

Three types of electro car charging stations

Installation process of all the three types of e-car charging station differs.

Level 1 electro vehicle charger

No special kind of installation is needed. Just plug the level 1 charger in a 120 volt outlet on the wall and let the car get charged. There are no extra costs or professional help needed in installing level 1 EV charging station.

Level 2 electro vehicle charger

Level 2 electro vehicle charger makes use of 240 volts. Thus it offers fast charging time. However, the installation is similar to installing process of outlets for appliances using 240 volts. From technical point it is not a DIY installation, so hire professional electrician.

Level 3 electro vehicle charger

Level 3 EV charging stations are used mainly in industrial and commercial settings. They are expensive and require special equipment for operating. They are also known as DC fast chargers and can charge vehicles in half an hour.

Green charging station

Pairing your electric vehicle charging with soar panel system is appealing. Solar panel installers will help you to invest in micro-inverters for PV system. If you buy a new electro car, which needs more energy then add extra panels to the existing ones.

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