5 Must-Have Products for Vehicle Dealership Service Departments

5 Must-Have Products for Vehicle Dealership Service Departments

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It requires a very specialized inventory of supplies to help keep automotive dealerships ready to go at peak performance. Additionally to maintaining a competent sales floor, most vehicle dealerships also conserve a complete facility, basically running two separate companies in one place. Dealership service facilities require their very own separate group of supplies to ensure that they’re well-organized and operating easily.

There are lots of forms, tags and auto body supplies auto dealership service departments rely on to help keep business running. The next five vehicle dealership service department supplies are usually probably the most required for dealerships when it comes to both supplying things to look for and looking after a structured shop.

Dispatch Hang Tags

Service dispatch hang tags are merely figures printed on sturdy tags accustomed to keep an eye on repair orders and customer vehicles. Most dispatch hang tags have two smaller sized matching teams of printed figures at the end along perforated edges these may be torn out and put on vehicle key tags and utilized as customer dispatch tags. For the way the dealership’s service department is organized, the casino dealer might want to use colored dispatch tags or plain tags.

Plastic Seat Covers

For a lot of car dealerships, using plastic seat covers to safeguard customers’ vehicle interiors is really a no-brainer. A little, simple step, placing affordable plastic film seat covers over vehicle interiors prior to starting work shows customers their vehicles are very well looked after – which their clients are valued. Most seat covers are double or single ply sheeted plastic that can come in rolls.

Static Cling Write-In Oil Change Indication Labels

When it comes to customer retention, couple of products tend to be more essential for vehicle dealership service departments and stand-alone auto service facilities than service indication stickers. Put into the car windows from the customer’s vehicle after service continues to be completed, static cling service indication stickers help remind motorists of when their vehicle arrives because of its next oil change, routine maintenance inspection and so on. Most service facilities opt for customized indication labels filled with their facility’s name and phone information, reminding motorists of where their vehicle was last serviced and – hopefully – how much of an excellent experience they’d getting their vehicle serviced there.

Paper Floor Mats

Another repair shop item accustomed to safeguard vehicle interiors because the vehicles are serviced, paper floor mats are not only seen an excellent chance to exhibit things to look for, but additionally to improve customer retention and brand awareness. Standard paper floor mats display messages for example “Appreciate your company!”, but service facilities can certainly purchase customized paper floor mats displaying their company name, contact details or even a custom message. These mats help remind customers their vehicle is within good hands – plus they further impress the service facility’s brand into customer awareness.

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