3 Great Reasons Why Buying a Used Car Is The Sensible Thing To Do

3 Great Reasons Why Buying a Used Car Is The Sensible Thing To Do

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After the purchase of your home, your car is probably the next biggest purchase you are going to make in your life. You took your time when you chose what house you wanted to buy because you knew how important it was and you should be taking similar care when it comes to buying a car. You need to think about your current finances and what you can afford and most people in Australia come to the conclusion that buying a new car is just money that doesn’t need to be spent.

The depreciation alone on a new car is massive. The moment you drive it out of the dealership, it has lost thousands of dollars off its list price and should you not be able to make the monthly payments on it, when you try to sell the car, that money won’t cover the money owed on it. This is why you need to be looking at a slightly used car, that is only about two to three years old with about thirty thousand miles or so on the clock and you will find these kinds of quality used cars for sale in Canberra. There are many benefits to getting yourself a used car and here are only a few of them.

  1. Lower Price and Less Depreciation

As mentioned before, the price of the car falls dramatically once it is driven off the lot and this is where you get the distinct advantage. That new overpriced sports car or RV that was just beyond your means is now within your means again and you get to drive the car of your dreams. If you buy the car, sure it will depreciate, but at a much slower pace that the person who bought the car new in the first place.

  1. Save on the Extras

Dealers like to put extras on a new car and then sell them on the car at a much higher rate that it would cost to add them on the high street. If you want the extras, just buy the used car of your dreams and then fit the things that you want later. This is a much cheaper way to do it and you get to choose the extras.

  1. Reliability and Condition

 Most new cars nowadays are built to last and as long as you check for issues with the used car, you are going to get a vehicle that is reliable. Lots of dealers in the Canberra area offer cars that are checked and guaranteed, so that when you drive them off the lot, it’s like driving off in a new car but without paying out all that extra money. You can peace of mind from a reputable car dealer and you still get to experience many more years of motoring on Australian roads. You can probably buy a used car that still has the manufacturers warranty still left on it.

Buying a used car is definitely the way to go and you get the car that you want for much less than the new sticker price. It will have less depreciation and last you for many more years to come. Happy motoring.

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